I was born and raised on the remote Isle of Skye, Scotland. Growing up I was never interested in playing football, rugby or the local sport of Shinty. I remember befriending a guy who was homeschooled at the time and he introduced me to a couple of other likeminded kids who skated, surfed and biked - I was instantly hooked. There were no real skateable surfaces and with the weather often being wet, the boys and I took shelter under the high school. We found obstacles to grind and do tricks over. When the winter hit it was only a matter of time before we started to take our trucks and wheels off the skateboards and ended up sliding around in the snow. At one point, we made bindings out of bicycle inner tubes nailed to the deck and sanded the bases to emulate skating as much as possible down snowy hills. From then it progressed to bigger and steeper hills. My parents would drop us off at the foot of the Old Man of Storr for the day and we would hike up, pick out lines, build kickers, drop cliffs and try ollie over Sheep! Man those were the days...

After a family ski holiday to Andorra, I got my first proper taste of snowboarding and never looked back. I think I tried a backflip and broke my wrist the last day of that trip?!
From there on I was extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel and compete across the Globe with my many sponsors and as part of the British Snowboard Team. Because of the lack of snow and facilities in Skye, I ended up living for months at a time in foreign countries and learning their local language before settling somewhere else. I think my parents allowed me to become very independent and the adventure was something I really strived for. Generally speaking though, while I was traveling, training and competing with the GB team it was more often the case of living out of my boardbags. Spending maybe a couple of days at a time in the likes of France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden & Norway to name a few before coming home to unload all my dirty laundry before my next flight. Sorry, mum!

In 2011, I suffered a life-changing injury where I overshot a jump and broke my neck (C2) in multiple places. In all honesty, and to many doctors disbelief, it is a miracle I survived those horrific injuries, and have been able to walk and ride again. Despite social media, magazines, newspapers, and press trying to get full details of the accident, it's a subject I don't particularly like to talk about. I'm just thankful to be alive, walking and being able to ride. It was a hard year both physically and mentally, not only on me but my family and friends closest to me. Thankfully I made a full recovery and I now currently live in Mammoth Lakes, California where I continue to snowboard, surf and bike as much as possible.